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The terrific "China's Top 50 Die-casting" series of reports (3) | Good news spreads frequently, bucking the trend

Time: 2021-09-27 00:00:11

Author: 华朔


"China's Top 50 Die Casting"

Series reports

As an outstanding representative of China's die-casting industry, the "China's Top 50 Die-casting Industry" will withstand the pressure, resist the storm and move forward in the ups and downs of 2020, achieve outstanding results, and give full play to the industry's leading role. On the occasion of the hot registration for the third "China's Top 50 Die Casting" selection, Foundry Exhibition Network specially launched the "Amazing "China's Top 50 Die Casting" series of reports", aiming to review the outstanding achievements of China's leading die-casting enterprises in the past year. Further boost the spirit, boost morale, gather strength, and encourage China's die-casting industry to make new contributions and achieve better results in the new development pattern of dual cycles.

Once the first two issues were launched, they received widespread industry attention and received enthusiastic responses. Now I continue to lead everyone to appreciate the outstanding style of the listed companies

FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. Nonferrous Casting Branch

★ Nonferrous Casting Branch of FAW Foundry Co., Ltd.: The company takes lean production thinking as its work guidance, takes "deep optimization, efficiency improvement, quality creation, and cost reduction" as its main line of work, and takes the transitional growth of quality and efficiency as the goal, and continues to promote management Optimize and improve system capabilities, build a variety of core products and technology platforms, and strive to build a first-class auto parts enterprise with international competitiveness. The manufacturing process covers high-pressure casting, low-pressure casting, and metal gravity tilting casting. The quality performance of the leading product cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, gearbox housings and structural parts has continued to improve, and has reached the leading level in the industry. In 2020, the sales revenue of die-casting business will increase by more than 31% year-on-year, setting a record high; the 4,400-ton and 3,500-ton large-scale die-casting island projects have been launched to further meet the needs of customers for new energy lightweight castings.

Dalian Yaming Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

★Dalian Yaming Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: 2020 is the 68th year of the company's establishment. After two restructurings and asset reorganizations, the brand-new Dalian Yaming is ready to go. The company has built a new “Intelligent Manufacturing Factory for Aluminum Alloy Castings for New Energy Vehicle Batteries, Motors, and Electronic Control Cases”. The first phase of the project will invest 370 million yuan. After the project is implemented, it will have an annual production capacity of 15 million die castings. Highly intelligent unmanned black light factory. In 2020, Dalian Yaming was rated as a national-level specialized and new giant enterprise and a pilot demonstration enterprise for the integration of the national manufacturing industry and the Internet.

Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd.

★Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd.: On November 29, 2020, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area and Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd. signed a major investment agreement, Tuopu Group will invest 5 billion yuan to build auto parts production in Hangzhou Bay New Area The project, the investment project involves the production of auto parts and industrial automation projects, and will be implemented in two phases. The first phase of the project plans to use about 500 acres of land, with a total investment of about 4 billion yuan; the second phase of the project has a total investment of about 1 billion yuan, and plans to add another 138 acres of land. Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd. is a technology-leading auto parts company. It was listed on the Shanghai A-share main board in 2015. Its main business segments include automobile chassis, interior functional parts and driverless business. It has more than 10 subsidiary holding companies .

Shanghai Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Co., Ltd.

★Shanghai Magnesium Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Co., Ltd.: affiliated to the Magnesium Reading Division of Wanfeng Group, a leader in the magnesium alloy automotive market segment, and a promoter of lightweight automotive structural metals. In 2020, revenue and profits rose against the trend, and the annual plan was exceeded. At the same time, the “T3+1” (FAW, Dongfeng, Changan and Wanfeng Meiruiding) lightweight strategy was promoted in 2020 to promote the smoothly held meeting in Shanghai. The second "T3+1" Automotive Magnesium Alloy Industry Chain Seminar with the theme of "Collaborative Innovation Helps Lightweight Automobiles' Magnesium" The application of Hengchi and other new car-making forces has expanded the application range of magnesium alloys in 5G products. In 2020, the "Door Upper Waistline Reinforcement" developed by the North American R&D team of Magnesium was assessed as the "2020 Automotive Magnesium Casting Product Design Award" by the International Magnesium Association.

Guangdong Hongte Technology Co., Ltd.

★Guangdong Hongte Technology Co., Ltd.: Founded in July 2003, the company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of precision aluminum alloy castings for automobile engines. According to the development plan, the company completed the transfer of all assets, businesses, and personnel to its wholly-owned subsidiary "Guangdong Hongte Precision Technology Zhaoqing Co., Ltd." at the end of 2018, and was renamed "Guangdong Derivative Intelligent Technology" on February 20, 2019. Company limited by shares". At present, the company uses "Guangdong Hongte Precision Technology Zhaoqing Co., Ltd." as its main business entity. In 2019, it achieved an output value of over 900 million yuan, of which export value reached 566 million yuan, and tax contribution reached 49.73 million yuan. In the second half of 2020, the company will gradually transition from a sharp drop in orders in the first half of the year to a tight and orderly scheduling model. While cultivating the automotive aluminum alloy die-casting parts business, the company actively develops new customers and markets, such as customers and markets for 5G equipment ancillary products, relying on existing production capacity equipment and technology development capabilities. In the future, the company will increase its efforts to develop domestic and foreign markets, and develop more lightweight auto parts and new energy auto parts.

Guangdong Hongtai Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Hongtai Technology Co., Ltd.: In 2020, under the raging environment of the epidemic, quickly leverage the advantages of product diversification and leverage the synergistic features of the two production bases in Gaoyao, Guangdong and Nantong, Jiangsu, to increase innovation and ensure product development And production, focusing on automotive aluminum alloy engines and transmission system components, aluminum alloy large-size robot chassis structure products, and continuously improving automated and intelligent production to meet the needs of well-known domestic and foreign automotive companies and customers in the robotics field. In December 2020, Gaoyao Plant achieved product revenue of over 80 million yuan, setting a new single-month historical record.

George Fischer Metal Forming Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

★George Fischer Metal Forming Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.: On October 19, 2020, GF Casting Solutions Co., Ltd. won the Volvo Car Quality Excellence Award (VQE) and held the VQE award ceremony at GF (Suzhou). This award is the highest quality award for a Volvo supplier. GF is a global company founded in 1802 and headquartered in Switzerland. With its leading technology research and development and lightweight capabilities, it provides casting solutions for the global automotive industry, aerospace, medical and other industrial applications. There are currently four production bases in China, covering high-performance ductile iron, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy die-casting and mold design and manufacturing, as well as an Asia-Pacific R&D center located in Suzhou. It is the only independent R&D center in the world outside the R&D center of the headquarters.

CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd.

★CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd.: As a world-renowned company, it is committed to the production of high-strength, lightweight auto parts products. From single aluminum wheel manufacturing to automotive chassis, powertrain, body aluminum casting manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, mold manufacturing and other fields, the market spreads all over the world. The company has built R&D bases covering China, Japan, Europe and North America, and can provide 24-hour uninterrupted synchronous R&D and design for global automobile factories. In September 2020, the company's new project in Qinhuangdao passed the environmental assessment, which will increase the differential pressure casting process.

Suzhou Chunxing Precision Co., Ltd.

★Suzhou Chunxing Precision Co., Ltd.: Through lean production and amoeba management, we have continuously cultivated customers and industry sectors, and overcome the impact of the epidemic and material price fluctuations. Communications, automobiles, sheet metal, magnesium alloy and other businesses have increased year-on-year. Accelerate the construction of Jinzhai 5G Technology Industrial Park, actively deploy heat dissipation material manufacturing, CNC machining equipment manufacturing, metal material research and development and manufacturing, new energy power engineering and other fields, and better eliminate industry seasonality and cyclicality through diversified and differentiated development The impact brought about ensures the continuous and steady development of the company’s business.


The 2nd China Die Casting Top 50 List

(names not listed in order)

Company Name



















































The terrific "China's Top 50 Die-casting" series of reports (3) | Good news spreads frequently, bucking the trend
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