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Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Hard Technology and Soft Power: Leading the Development of Industrial Clusters with Application Scenarios

Time: 2021-07-07 00:00:04

Author: 华朔


As an important driving force for a new round of industrial transformation, artificial intelligence is reshaping all links of economic activities such as production, circulation, exchange, and consumption. From food, clothing, housing, transportation to medical education, artificial intelligence technology is like the "electricity" of the new era, giving cities the power of digital transformation.

      Shanghai is one of the first cities to propose accelerating the development of artificial intelligence as a priority strategy. What kind of development has artificial intelligence made in this fertile soil? The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology that from the perspective of hard technology at the industrial level, as of 2020, Shanghai has 1,149 Key artificial intelligence companies have formed a relatively complete artificial intelligence industry chain. The planned industry scale for the whole year reached 224.6 billion yuan, a counter-trend to achieve a growth of about 50%, and the industry's recovery trend is obvious. The average annual growth rate from 2018 to 2020 is 29.5%. Shanghai is gradually forming a multi-level full-chain artificial intelligence innovation system of "basic research and cutting-edge theoretical research platform + application innovation platform + large computing power service platform".

       From the perspective of artificial intelligence soft power, as the most influential and most advanced event in the field of artificial intelligence, the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held in Shanghai tomorrow (July 8). "All Wisdom into a City" focuses on the direction of "Artificial Intelligence Helps City Digital Transformation" and discusses the cutting-edge progress of artificial intelligence technology innovation and industrial landing. This is the 4th World Artificial Intelligence Conference. Compared with previous conferences, three "maximums" can be used to describe: the latest frontier direction, the most industry-wide ecology, and the best application experience. The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology stated that the best application experience reflects the intelligent exhibitions online and offline, as well as the intelligent experience inside and outside the venues.

       First, the content of the exhibition is richer. This yeaAr, offline exhibitors are expected to exceed 300. Among them, the proportion of enterprises participating for the first time exceeded 40%, and the proportion of enterprises outside Shanghai and foreign enterprises exceeded 50%. Highlights of the first exhibition include Shangtang AR self-driving minibus, Meituan low-altitude distribution network, Ubisoft large-scale humanoid service robot, Suiyuan Yunsi 2.0 chip, China Mobile photovoltaic intelligent detection system, digital transformation "Cube Base", etc.

       Second, the application experience is smarter. Use artificial intelligence technology to hold artificial intelligence conferences, create artificial intelligence venues at the "core points" of the venue, and present high-quality routes for artificial intelligence applications. Around the venues, create digital economy scenarios such as unmanned driving and unmanned factory prototypes in Lingang New Area, digital life scenarios such as Expo Source Intelligent Business, and digital governance scenarios such as "space-time artificial intelligence". The conference will also carry out innovative activities such as digital renminbi experience and AI + Glory of the King e-sports. The general public and friends are welcome to participate in the experience.

       Third, the exhibition on the cloud is more vivid. Except for a few closed-door meetings this year, all forum activities will be broadcast live online. The online cloud platform was upgraded to version 2.0, creating cloud live broadcasts, cloud venues, and cloud exhibitions to further enhance the audience's interactive experience.

       A person in charge of a big data company who participated in the previous three World Artificial Intelligence Conferences said in an interview with The Paper that the first meeting was to build a platform, and subsequent meetings were better than other meetings, reflecting the more attractive the meeting. Coming stronger, this is a microcosm of the rise of Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry. "For the first time, Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry cannot be said to be an absolute leader in the country, but through the signboard effect of the conference and the guidance of application scenarios, leading artificial intelligence companies now hope to land in Shanghai." This is Shanghai artificial intelligence. ‘Soft power’. "

       In fact, in the past year, Shanghai has always adhered to the application-driven industrial development concept, leading the coordinated layout of upstream and downstream, and building artificial intelligence industrial clusters. Under the guidance of this kind of thinking, the Shanghai artificial intelligence industry has overcome the adverse effects of last year's epidemic, encountered opportunities in the crisis, and bucked the trend.

       As a platform for basic research and cutting-edge theoretical research, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Shanghai Brain Science and Brain-like Research Center, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Research Institute, Shanghai Autonomous Intelligent Unmanned System Science Center, Shanghai Qizhi Research Institute The Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Intelligent Processor Research Center of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Microsoft Asia Research Institute (Shanghai) settled in Shanghai to carry out key basic theoretical research and build an artificial intelligence strategic technology power cluster. Launched the Shanghai Magnolia Open Source and Open Research Institute, Microsoft Yidian Artificial Intelligence Innovation Research Institute and other technology development and transformation platforms to realize the docking of theoretical algorithms and application practices, and accelerate the implementation of key common technologies.

       As an application innovation platform, a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platforms such as Shangtang, Yitu, and Mingyue were awarded, and municipal artificial intelligence innovation centers such as Shangtang, Yitu, SAIC, Tencent, Deep Blue, Cambrian, Ukde, etc., and Amazon The artificial intelligence innovation centers of leading companies such as IBM, Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, and iFlytek have settled in Shanghai to promote the research and development of industry-oriented technology applications and form a good demonstration effect.

       A series of "novices" have also been born in Shanghai. Edraw Technology’s “Quest” series of cloud chips, Tianshu Zhixin 7 nmGPGPU chips, Tencent’s AI open platform, Huawei’s full-stack AI strategy and AI chips, Cambrian cloud and terminal chips, and SenseTime’s main computing power platforms were first launched in Shanghai.

       When talking about why he chose to land in Shanghai, Zhang Linglan, the co-founder of Biren Technology, said, “Shanghai is very, very good in this country. Whether it is government support, the intensity of talents, or the intensity of universities, it is the chip industry. . The best conditions.” Founded in 2019, Biren Technology is committed to the research and development of original general-purpose computing systems, establishing an efficient software and hardware platform, and providing overall solutions in the field of intelligent computing.

       Currently, artificial intelligence is one of the three leading industries in Shanghai. An iconic industrial cluster centered on the layout of "East-West integration and multi-point linkage" has been formed.

     The "Eastern Belt" starts with the construction of the Pudong New Area Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Pilot Zone to promote the integrated development of Pudong Zhangjiang Intelligent Industry + Technology. The artificial intelligence island has become a benchmark for domestic industries and applications, and is gradually advancing the development model of the island’s expansion area; Lingang New Area actively introduces leading companies such as Horizon, and comprehensive testing of intelligent networked vehicles has been steadily carried out.

     The "West Belt" Xuhui West Bund International Artificial Intelligence Center was officially opened, attracting top international companies and scientific research institutions such as Microsoft Research Asia and Shanghai Qizhi Research Institute. Smart products based on domestic core research and development are exhibited at the Shanghai Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center on the 35th floor of the West Bund "Smart Tower". In addition, Shibei High-tech, Changyang Innovation Valley, Hongqiao Zhigu and other characteristic parks are accelerating the construction, the East China UAV base and other regional industries are concentrated and developing, and Yangpu, Jing'an, Putuo, Changning, Baoshan and other regions are building artificial intelligence characteristic innovation carriers. accelerate.

       Based on this, application authorization continues to evolve. Shanghai is the first in the country to release an implementation plan for artificial intelligence application scenarios, opening 3 batches of 58 application scenarios, and releasing comprehensive application scenarios such as Yangshan Deepwater Port, Shentong Metro, East China UAV Base, and Zhangjiang Science City. Promote the construction of the national artificial intelligence "exposure leader" track, focusing on the intelligent networked vehicles, medical imaging assisted diagnosis, visual image recognition, smart sensors and other tracks, carry out evaluation work, and sort out a batch of industry standard achievements and policy bottlenecks.

       The Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, "No craniotomy, minimally invasive implantation of high-throughput flexible brain-computer interface", commercial sensetime AR self-driving guided minibus, Tianshu Zhixin's breakthrough GPGPU and other technological breakthroughs are constantly displayed here.

       Such a layout will inevitably attract multi-level talent gathering, and the total number of employees in Shanghai's key artificial intelligence companies will reach 187,000 (July 2020). International high-end talents gathered, Turing Award winner Yao Qizhi, Microsoft Asia Research Dean Hong Xiaowen, SenseTime founder Tang Xiaoou and other top international artificial intelligence experts settled in Shanghai for development. In Shanghai, 11 universities have established artificial intelligence research institutions, 9 universities have established artificial intelligence undergraduate majors, and 38 universities have opened 104 artificial intelligence-related disciplines. In 2019, the number of enrollment was 11,490, and the number of students at school was 35,492, which reserved a large amount of reserves for the development of artificial intelligence. Reserve talents. Relying on Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tongji University to build artificial intelligence platform bases, relying on INESA Group, Computing Technology Research Institute, and Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute to build artificial intelligence professional continuing education bases, and cultivate a large number of professional and technical personnel in the field of artificial intelligence.

       In addition to the complete artificial intelligence industry chain, supporting financial support is also converged in Shanghai. The Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Fund was established, completed the first round of financing, established the "Shanghai AI Conference Room", and jointly established the "Technology Innovation Committee AI Industry Workstation" to establish connections and docking with the Shanghai Stock Exchange and other elements. Talent, technology, industry and capital. , Integrated "one-stop" platform.

       2021 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Shanghai will make every effort to promote the construction of new intelligent infrastructure that integrates artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies, support the advancement of digital industrialization and the development of industrial digitalization, and vigorously cultivate and develop a new network economy. Comprehensively promote the in-depth application of artificial intelligence and other technologies in urban governance, life, economy and other fields. Focus on promoting core technologies such as smart chips and key algorithms to fully stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises, build an independent industrial ecology, continue to create innovative application scenarios, promote the deepening of artificial intelligence applications, and meet the in-depth development needs of urban economy, life, and governance; continue to expand artificial intelligence Industry scale. Promote the service work of key enterprises, create a first-class business environment, provide enterprises with collaborative services in terms of capital, market, and talents, and accelerate the cultivation of a group of leading enterprises with international competitiveness. Strive to achieve an average annual growth of about 15% in the industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan, reaching 400 billion yuan by 2025.

Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Hard Technology and Soft Power: Leading the Development of Industrial Clusters with Application Scenarios
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